Project – Plant Seeds of Good Deeds

The seeds you plant today will grow into a harvest, whatever you deem that harvest to be. So, when you eat healthily, exercise regularly, and seek peace and well being, you are planting seeds for a fruitful and healthy life – which is a key component of growth.


This whole project is the benefit of planting a seed invested by him in the hope of doing a good deed.

Our budget dedicated to planting: 300 euros 

Vegetable crops for planting:
Strawberries: around100 seedlings / 30 euros
Peppers: 15 Seedlings / 5 euros
Melon: 20 seedlings / 15 euros
Cucumbers: 50 seedlings / 20 euros
Kiwi: 1 + 1 = 2 seedlings / 10 euros
Various seeds for flowers and garden products:
50 packs: / 30 Euro
Fruitful land for planting: 75 kg * 6/60 euros
Fertilizers and hummus: 10 euros
Garden Tools:
Small digger – 2/5 euros
Garden gloves –                                                               5 euros
Bucket for irrigation – 2                                                 /5 euros
Nylon coverage:                                                                  20 euros
Strawberry pots with iron railings for fence: 10 * 2 = 20 euros
Plots for a parcel: 20 euros
Wire: 5 Euro
Nuts, plastic holders, sticks for seedling and аn appendix for a hose – 20 euros

Unfinished funds: 20 euros


The project started in the house of a poor woman who has a problem of depression and needs flowers and planting. The therapeutic use of flowers is a scientifically proven method that can help her in the future.

Planting and training, how to plant flowers and strawberries, as well as other plants lasted for a week. The woman began to care for flowers, and doing this also helped a neighbor who was engaged in agriculture.

IMG_20190331_120454 (1)
IMG_20190331_120630 (1)

At the same time, the same neighbor brought corn seedling that will plant it together with other products. The advantage of such planting is that it will be completely organic and will not be sprayed with chemicals. For this reason, the honeycomb will be used as well as the magic effect of the vinegar.

IMG_20190331_120502 (1)
The women took care of seedlings regularly

The seeds that were given for planting, except that they found themselves in the woman’s garden, moved to the adjacent gardens where they should spring up and expand.


Because the strawberry plant has a special treatment and saw the possibility of developing a larger project, especially with vertical planting strawberries, the project also moved to the courtyard I have. The goal is to teach the process of planting and growing strawberries, cucumber and tomato, their care and, if possible, develop knowledge about a production process of organic origin.


The purpose is to find a way as cyclically and automatically is applied to the plant in a city environment. Strawberries, if possible, would be offered except for guests as fruit and seedlings, as well as to see the interest of selling to the local stores.


The seed that he planted will be in their gardens, but they will appreciate his gesture in their hearts forever. At the same time, they will be more motivated so they help other people and spread this message. This physical seed has a fruit that needs to grow for at least several years in a row.

“Happiness held is the seed;

Happiness shared is the flower.”

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